STAMM & CO AG Holding

The chronicle of STAMM & CO AG Holding goes back over 100 years to the traditional Basel construction company founded by the Stamm brothers, who helped shape Basel's building history for decades.

In 1963, the construction and architecture divisions were separated and Werner Stamm founded a new company, which today operates in a holding structure under the legal form of a public limited company.

The son of the company founder, Mr Stephan Stamm, took over the management of the company in 1996 and has been continuously leading and developing the company ever since.

In mid-2014, the real estate portfolio was merged into Keos Immobilien AG, in which STAMM & CO AG Holding has held a 50% stake ever since.

In 2011, STAMM & CO AG Holding also began to make certain investments in the area of farmland, real estate and tourism projects, primarily in South Africa, but also in East Africa. These activities are seen as a diversification from the core business activities in the Swiss real estate market.

Thanks to conservative and traditional management as well as the continuous optimisation of its own real estate portfolio, the group of companies has been generating sustainable success for many years.